• You will be open and honest with us at all times. You will let us know immediately of any concerns you have about your business and our work together. We create high expectations of the services we provide and we want to know how we are meeting them.

  • You will give us all the information we need to help you to achieve your goals.

  • You will make the time available to work on matters within your business that we have mutually agreed upon.

  • You agree to listen to any advice we offer (we acknowledge your absolute right to accept or reject that advice for whatever reason).

  • You agree to meet and respect the deadlines that legislation and we mutually set (or let us know well in advance of your inability to do so).

Visit us directly at our office or give a call. We will assist you professionally and at personal level in sorting out those issues that bother you.

Have a good look around our website and find out what we can do for you. It should help you in making the decision to appoint us to act for you.

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