CORPHEIGHTS offer service to clients who are looking for faster and affordable services for TDS compliances outsourcing and advisory. Our experienced team shall take care of your TDS compliance of tax calculation, tax payments, filing of TDS return and give you update on TDS changes. We shall ensure that all legal and administrative and tax planning aspect of TDS compliances are taken care. File TDS return on or before due date to avoid penalty and noncompliance.

  • Advising on complying with TDS / TCS provisions.

  • Obtain Tax Deduction Account Number and quote the same in all the documents pertaining to TDS.

  • Reviewing TDS / Withholding Tax compliance periodically.

  • Computing monthly TDS.

  • Issuing monthly or annual TDS certificates.

  • Filing E-TDS and Manual Returns quarterly.

  • File the periodic TDS statements, i.e., TDS return (by the due date specified in this regard)

  • TDS reconciliation of due and deposited.

  • Filing correct statements.

  • Depositing TDS manually and electronically.

  • Assessing TDS.

  • Deduct the tax at source at the applicable rate.

  • Pay the tax deducted by him at source to the credit of the Government (by the due date specified in this regard)

  • Issue the TDS certificate to the payee in respect of tax deducted by him (by the due date specified in this regard)



  • Goods covered under TCS provisions and rates applicable to them

  • Classification of Sellers and Buyers for TCS

  • TCS Payments & Returns

  • Certificate of TCS

  • TCS Exemptions

  • TCS under GST

  • Submission of Form 24G

  • Electronic TCS (e-TCS)

  • TCS compliance for e-commerce sector

  • Time Period for TCS Tax Payment

  • Manner of Payment

  • Monthly Statement

  • Annual Statement

  • How to Claim TCS Credit



Work with CA

Our expert team work under supervision of Chartered Accountant. Ensuring latest income tax changes in law effect given TDS.

Money Saving

We do all work in house with trained staff. Our pricing is competitive and affordable. Reduce your money spent on TDS Compliances.

Latest Technology

We uses Latest TDS softwares for filing. Use of latest software as per requirements of Traces. Our TDS solutions are reliable.

Save Time

By Out sourcing TDS Compliances you can take save time spent on filing, revision, generate forms etc. Out sourcing helps you to save time.

One Stop Solution

Get one stop solution for your TDS Consultancy, Filing, and Notices etc. Our professional team provide such services under one ruff.


TDS Payment due date is each month. We send you reminders for TDS Payment. And Quarterly reminders for filing. Keep you updated.