• An NRI (Non-Resident of India) is a person originated from India but is living outside the country. Such individuals make huge investments in their home country after earning foreign money. To invest the same they look for something solid that can bring huge gains.

  • Here, CORPHEIGHTS comes to the rescue. We have helped many NRIs channel their money in the right direction with steady returns. Our dedicated team of investment experts assists NRIs in Indian Stock Exchange Investment in commodities, gold, currency, etc.

  • We simplify complicated laws and procedures and provide practical solution that is easy to understand and beneficial to implement for NRIs. Our consulting considers not only Indian taxes, but also Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA), foreign taxes and compliance requirements. We file forms and returns and help our clients to get refund of tax paid or TDS deducted. We issue certificates and liaison with banks for transfer from NRO to NRE or for remittances abroad. Our clients gain immensely from our over 6 decades of history of working with the Income Tax department.

  • The dynamic environment affects every individual and so the requirements of the NRIs change. Besides, NRIs want a lot of their things to be handled.

  • For smooth transactions, we offer a wide range of the following services in the NRI portfolio.

  • Planning Income Tax, filing tax returns.

  • Complying with NRI regulations.

  • Investment Planning in Immovable and Movable Properties.

  • Settling them in India Post Returning.

  • Opening Bank Account, Insta online accounts.

  • Borrowing and Lending from Bank.

  • Advising on Business Matters and Opportunities.

  • Guiding on Investments (new & previous)

  • Managing or auditing their work.

  • Obtaining PAN (Permanent Account Number) card, TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) and TIN (Tax Identification Number).

  • DTAA benefit consulting and Foreign Compliance Support.

  • Issue Certificates including in Form 15CB.

  • Financial Planning and Investment Management.

  • Investment as per FEMA and RBI rules.

  • Purchase and sale of property as allowed under FEMA.

  • Consulting for crediting funds directly into NRE account.

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