Corporate Services

Corporate Services

  • Company Incorporation.

  • Consulting on Company Laws, Rights, Bonus, and Issue of shares.

  • Reviewing Clauses complying with Fiscal, Corporate and Tax Laws.

  • Handling Secretarial matters like transfer of shares.

  • Planning in Mergers, De-mergers, Corporate re-organizations and Acquisitions.

  • Changing Company-Business name, Address of the Registered Office, etc.

  • Filing Annual returns, documents, and various forms.

  • Maintaining statutory records.


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance combines several laws, rules, and procedures that help organizations to work efficiently besides increasing long term value for shareholders and stakeholders like suppliers, employees, etc.

National and international lenders look for corporate exposures, transparency, and fairness. As the size of such businesses grows, it becomes equally important for governance to enter, which sees all of its policies have complied.

  • Independent Internal audit monitoring.

  • Independent verification.

  • Supervision and Accountability.

  • Forming Independent Board directors and audit committee.

  • Offering disclosure and transparency in reports.

  • Participating in board meetings.